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Le Golf du Kempferhof

Connected practice zone

The players of golf have often big deviation level between practice and the field. It is hard to start the golf by confronting the 18 hole field. It is why the building of the construction of a new training zone has been always our priority since one year.

Followed by Alejandro Reyes, the greenkeeper of the ryder cup 2018-2022, the new practice zone was realized by the specifications of PGA Tour of a way to have an amazing quality.

The zone is divided in 3 parts :
  • A putting green of 1000 square meters lighted in the evening ;
  •  A chipping green of 600 square meters surrounded of 3 bunkers included a replica of a bunker in a « scottish way » ;
  • A course of 3 holes with a length between 50m and 70m. The feature of this small course is that it can assume the part of « school course » for the beginners and the « Wedging zone » for the confirmed players.

The practice was totally redesigned with :
  • A practice zone classique on T-line synthetic / 20 stations
  • A zone of grass (depends on the season) /  30 stations
  • A protect zone courtyard with telephone loader & tablets lighted / 10 stations
  • An equipment studio in Trackman technology and Smart2move (training and fitting Taylormade) unique in France

TrackMan Range
The cherry on the cake is the new technology in France : the Trackman range
The flight of your ball will have no secret for you ! With the technology, the practice of Kempferhof will entirely be connected. You can, with your phone, analysed every shot, follow your advance and make games alone or together.

The place of the Trackman Range is totally in the goal reached by the funny games and easy to go for the beginners, until technicals data very precise for the advanced players.

Leo Mathard, professional player :
  • « This practice zone is really amazing, unique in the region and i would say unique in France. Even in United States it is really rare to find a such quality on a variety of work zone. The Trackman Range allows everyone to collect the main data on this traject, the way tothe balls according to the clubs used and can improve. The quality of the putting-green is the same that we can find at the National Golf (we are followed by Alejandro Reyes the hero of the RyderCup 2018) and the bunker of style Saint Andrews is really fun ! When it comes to the 3 holes, it is the best for working on his Wedging ! Only the Kempferhof can offer a training zone like this »

Arnaud Abbad, professionnal player :
  • « The 3 holes come to complete the 18 hole build in 1990 by Van Hagge and is one of the most beautiful golf in Europe. It is totally on the phase in the picture with a small green in island, it is a perfect replica of the jewelry designed by the american architect 30 years ago. As a player i’ve never seen a such a training zone completed like this, practice thought the 3 holes and the game zone. As a coach, the quality and the unkeep of this whole structure are a really happiness for improving our students »
Laurent Cabanne, our Head pro :

  • « It is a dream to coach and to work in a place like this, we could realised all the shots that we do on the course and at the training zone. All the tools of measures are here for making analys really precisely. There is no better place in France for training, it is an honor for me to be at the head of  a training center like this »