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Kempferhof Academy

The practice of golf and the development of its players is undergoing a period of considerable change thanks, in particular, to the new technologies that lie at the heart of this transformation.

The Kempferhof is aware of the importance of modernising its infrastructure, as well as its teaching. This is why we work in tandem with Mr Laurent Cabanne, a specialist in TrackMan and the use of technology in golf in France, who brings us his expertise and his fresh instruction methods.

TrackMan, positioned behind the player, is a radar used to analyse the club during impact and track the flight of the ball. It transcribes the club trajectory and data on to a computer. TrackMan helps you to improve your performance and progress.

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Arrival of Léo Mathard

Meet our new student instructor

Publié le January 27, 2020
Hole in One
Golf Academy

Play for 1€ & get back behind the wheel of the new Audi A1!

Publié le January 1, 2020
3D Dual Force Plates
Golf Academy

The Golf du Kempferhof is the first golf course in France to be equipped with the new Smart2Move - 3D Force Plate technology!

Publié le December 13, 2018
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