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Kempferhof Academy

Fitting Center at the Kempferhof


Fitting ? An essential key to improve on the golf

If the adjustment is a key for the training method at the Kempferhof, the fitting is a big part of it.
From the english verb to fit : ajust – show – connect in a golf world the fitting is an assembly of techniques made for improving your level and your skills by adapting your golf equipment, to your shape and your game type of different criteria :

Shape :

  • Size of the player
  • Size of the hand player
  • Lenght of the arm

"We are all different we can’t play with the same equipment".

Techniques :
  • Swing From
  • Speed Swing
  • Attack corner
  • Rythm
"The Trackman and other technologies allow us to analyse all of this data".

There is no minimum index for doing a fitting, the opposite ! If you start the golf, the advice of a profesional will help you to improve fast your golf lever with adapted equipment. If you’re a confirmed player, a fitting will help you to understand how to reduce your index.

As mentioned Laurent Cabanne : « it is very important to make clubs adapted for all levels and all ages : beginner, competitors, children or senior… if a kid play with too heavy clubs or inappropriate i twill make a bad swing due to the equipment ».

The golf equipment if very techniques and the brands invest a lot of money in the research and the development for increasing the performances and the easy hand for a maximum satisfaction of the player.

The evolution of techniques analysis swing and the trajectory but also the knowledges on the biomecanic of wing associated with progress techniques regularly of new golf equipment, will allow today of choosing with selection a big precision, the 14 clubs which are the bag of a golfer.

Game confort :

  • Few people prefer to play with blades for having more feelings, other clubs more pessimist for less tolerance
  • Players will focus on the length, other precision
« It is not enough to have adapted clubs to the speed and other for the swing, you have to feel the comfort zone with »
It could be indoor, it means inside on a simulator or outdoor, outside. All of your shots are registered with a camera and recording equipment. Your moves are analysed in details and live by a golf fitter who is being trained for this.

The fitting is made of all our clubs :
  • Drive
  • Fariway wood
  • Hybrid
  • Irons
  • Wedge
  • Putter

« It is not because we play with fairway stiff and heavy that we will play an identical drive ».

Fitting session  
Price of one lesson (1h) 70€

The Kempferhof golf is always at the top of the best technology

The Kempferhof golf, anxious about offering you one of the best equipments available (Heads – Lies – Shafts – Bounce with all options) is partnering with the exclusive brand Taylormade and has made the Fitting center unique in the France East (Studio Trackman – Strenght plaques – Smart2Move – Taylormade balls – test outdoor and on the golf course)

To be noticed that Taylormade provide the equipment for the best players in the world as Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy 1st worldwide, Dustin Johnson, John Rham...

For 40 years, Taylormade innovate and take advantage of his best guest the best technology with one goal the improving of the performances.

Book your next session :
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