Le Golf du Kempferhof

Permanent locals rules

This rules cancels and replace the ones of the golf and any other anterior rules. The rules completed the local permanent rules of the federal and novice 2019 of ffgolf (hard card)

(including Obstructions unmoved R 16.1)
  • Roads and way : all the roads and the extension are a part of the course and don’t give right to any clearance.
  • All the berlionoises next to the water obestacles are obstructions unmoved in the penality zone, the interference don’t give the right to any clearance.
  • Tree attached : the whole tree, tutor and bowl to his feat is an obstruction unmoved
  • The players can’t use the golf cart or any other transportation during the tournament unless to be authorized by the Comite. The golf cart are mandatory for the person of less than 18 years old.
  • Dropping zone (penality zone number 7 and 14) : For all balls in the penality zone having crossed the last edge identified by yellow stakes or reds, the player can, in addition to the options of rules number R17.1d use the dopping zone located in front of the penality zone to the right for the hole n°14 and the lenght in the back of the green for the hole n°7.
  • Off limits (R18.2: The play is totally off limits for the games of hole n°5-6-7.
  • Be carreful ! Danger for the balls falls !
  • For any infraction to one local rule : general penality = 2 penality shots