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Golf du Kempferhof

3D Dual Force Plates

Publiée le December 13, 2018

As part of a wide-ranging project that included the construction of an Expertise and Performance Centre, Kempferhof Golf Resort is taking a giant leap forward!

With the help of the company, Smart2Move, a leader in sports technology on the Golf market, the Kempferhof will become the first Golf Course in France to be equipped with the latest 100% Swiss technology — 3D Dual Force Plates!

You can't have consistency or power without a good stance and good weight transfer. Using this technology, it is possible to run a 3D analysis of your static and dynamic balance as you execute the swing, along with the displacement of the centre of gravity, weight transfer and lateral, rotational and vertical forces... In combination with the Launch Monitor TrackMan, it can be used to analyse causes and calculate effects in order to improve your swing!

Whether you play simply to unwind or at competition level, pay a visit to the Kempferhof to discover this new equipment and improve your golf performance and potential!


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